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Pre A1 Starters is the start of children's adventure into the English world.

Pre A1 Starters is the first of the three Cambridge English levels: indeed Young Learners tests are designed for primary and secondary school children. This test introduces students to spoken and written English in a fun and challenging way and is based on familiar topics and situations.

Pre A1 Starters allows children to take the first step towards
- understanding basic English content on the web
- reading and listening to books, songs, programmes and films in English
- communicating with children of other nationalities
Why Pre A1 Starters
- it does not discourage children celebrating the beginning of the learning journey - it simulates real situations to make learning more worthwhile
- it covers all the main varieties of the English language (e.g. British English and American English)
- it takes advantage of a wide range of online support materials

Children will be admitted to the course after an initial test to establish the basic skills required.